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Counselling and Psychotherapy via Phone or Skype

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Reasons for this service

The reality of living in today’s busy world of conflicting schedules means that attending therapy in person can be fraught with logistical barriers. Transportation, location, mobility and availability are common impediments in accessing much needed supports.

Consequently clients are increasingly opting to access my counselling and psychotherapy service via the mediums of phone or Skype. Accepting that these options may not be preferential interventions for every problematic issue, they do nevertheless provide individuals with convenient, viable, and effective alternatives to face-to-face work.

Recent research reviews endorse the use of these methods with clients:



How it works

  1. Make Contact
  2. Free 15 minute phone or Skype consultation
  3. Arrange to begin your phone or Skype sessions

1. Make contact: You can either call me at 083 3511775 or email eamonn@waterfordcounsellingcentre.com. Once you get in touch contact details are exchanged and I’ll invite you to book an initial 15 minute Skype or phone session

2. Free 15 minute consultation: This permits the provision of a broad overview of the counselling process and enables you to pose any questions you may have. A brief assessment of your current life circumstances may establish your suitability for phone or Skype counselling. It also affords you the opportunity to decide if you feel comfortable working with me via the medium of phone or Skype.

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